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Hi all, I am a freelance photographer. My love for photography was from my childhood. It doesn't have any relation with my academic career. I am a graduate in microbiology and a post graduate in bioinformatics with some experience in finance in an IT company at Bangalore. But now I am based in my native, Kolkata. My passion is for travelling and I am also an automobile freak. From my passion of travelling I always had an eye to recognize the beauty of nature. As a college student I was a hardcore landscape guy who later got interested in macro and wild life. But as time progressed I started venturing the other sides of photography. With time I captured the beauty of a wedding ceremony, the art of fashion photography , the class or culture of an event. I must admit everything or every occasion is beautiful in its own way. One must have the eye to see it and a camera to capture it! Now I work as a professional freelance photographer. So I can share my view of beautification with my clients too. Don’t hesitate to contact me to make your most beautiful occasion more beautiful. Memories will fade away but my work will always be with you to reignite your golden memories. With age a person can get old but in a photograph the age is always static! Time freezes when a shutter is pressed..!

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