Samba Sengupta Photography
IMG_1484.jpg Landscape.

Beauty lies on the eye of the beholder... The camera can only freeze the moment.

IMG_2289.jpg Marine, wild life & birds

Beauty can be found beneath the water, on the land and high up on the sky too!

IMG_5156c.jpg Macro

Beauty can be spotted easily when its big but we generally miss out on small thing. So lets not miss it!

IMG_8672.jpg Event

If an event is organized you can enjoy its essence for the time its held. But pictures can let you cherish that moment for your life time.

IMG_6672.jpg Fashion/Glamor/Portfolio

This album contains pictures with different models on different photo shoots.

IMG_43871.jpg Wedding

You get married once but you cherish that moment for life time. So don't miss out on getting your best wedding shots..!

IMG_2897.jpg Architecture

Creation of god is amazing but creation of mankind never fails to amaze us too...!

IMG_8117.psd.jpg Random clicks.

Everything cannot be planned few randoms plans give us joy, similarly few random unplanned clicks which comes on the go gives us some nice images too.!

IMG_3258.jpg Off the road.

Its all about Jeeps and Suv's. If you have planned for a memorable event with your team, i am always there to preserve your precious moments for the life time.

IMG_10d45.jpg Food Photography

Live to eat..!

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